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Installing solar carports on parking lots can be a great alternative to solar on rooftops or undeveloped land, especially when there are limitations to the latter.

A PRP solar carport mounting system is a solar canopy solution that is highly configurable, easy to assemble and cost effective. With single, double, and large span options, it is the industry’s most versatile solar carport solution. Solar carports are the latest trend in solar technology, and these benefits are what makes them so efficient.

PRP solar carport systems are the newest addition to Polar Racking’s list of products, so in this post we outline five major solar carport benefits. If you’re looking for a complete guide to solar carports, we recommend reading our webinar transcript: Everything You Need to Know about Solar Carports.

Benefits of Solar Carports

1. Efficient Use of Space

Because solar carports use a canopy system, they require little to no additional space and this is what makes them great alternatives to rooftop and ground mount solar farms. They are installed on already existing parking lots, making them very efficient with the use of space. Since they are so versatile and are offered in various sizes, it is possible to install solar carport systems on retail, commercial, industrial, or residential lots.

2. Lower Costs

Just like flat roof solar system and ground mount solar systems, solar carports minimize energy expenses, which result in significant savings for businesses or residential buildings. Solar carport systems lower energy bills, along with stabilizing income for businesses and residents. Depending on your local area, you can exchange the power that is generated through the solar carport system for credits on your monthly bills, or you can sell energy generated back to the grid for a higher price than what you’re paying for power.

3. Flexible and Customizable

Another great benefit is how easily customizable solar carport systems are, in terms of angle, shape, size, and color. The most important aspect of this, however, is how flexible installation can be; solar carport systems can be installed at angles that maximize the amount of exposure to sunlight. Solar carport systems are also able to adapt to fit the needs of a business; this can be through the amount of solar panels installed, how much space it takes up, the style of the system, and flexible color options to suit the company branding.

Additionally, solar carports can be integrated into home systems when installed on residential lots. There is also the option of integrating an EV (electric vehicle) charging port.

4. Easy to Maintain

Solar carports are much easier to maintain than you would think in terms of service and any issues with weather. Maintaining a parking lot becomes easier when you install solar carports, because they can channel rain and snow away from the cars. It can also minimize the amount of ice on the lot, making it safer for navigating. If the solar panels ever need any kind of service, they are very easy to access and do not require much effort to uphold.

5. Sustainable for Businesses and Communities

Solar carport system benefits businesses, along with residents, by reducing their carbon footprint. Consumers tend to favor companies that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability, because not only do these systems benefit the environment, but they also benefit the community. Solar carports provide clean energy to the surrounding community, and they show consumers that businesses are responsible for the impact they make on the environment.

Polar Racking has a diversified portfolio of rooftop and ground mount products for the residential, commercial and utility scale markets. Focused on continuous innovation, the company’s vision is to deliver the highest value to our clients at the lowest cost per kWh. Through our unique suite of engineering collaboration tools, technical services and installation support we deliver turnkey solutions that are modular, lighter and quicker to install.

Now that you know the benefits of installing a solar carport system, please feel free to contact us today to learn more about solar carport benefits and to receive a quote.

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