Superior Ground-Mount Solar Racking for All Load Conditions

The CORE (formally PRU) series is robust, highly adjustable and easy-to-assemble. Our in-house engineering team designs our ground-mount solar racking systems with the highest assembly tolerances with no compromises on structural integrity. With pre-punched holes in all our beams, wire management is clean and simple. Install our system in less time and with less onsite machinery, compared to others.

We engineer utility-scale and commercial ground-mounts for optimal performance in all soil and weather conditions. We offer a large selection of foundation options to suit your ground conditions – from driven post to helical piles, ground screws, and ballasted options, we have a solution to meet the needs of all projects.

The Polar Racking Difference: Designed for Simple Assembly and Long-Term Ownership

The Polar Racking engineering team designed our mounting system to withstand high wind, snow and frost conditions, because we aim to expand access to solar energy throughout the world. By creating highly adjustable and site-specific racking systems, clients around the world can maximize their solar panel’s energy production.

Assembly Redefined

  • The fastest rack to assemble in the industry with fewer beams, fewer braces & fewer fasteners
  • Greatest E/W and N/S tolerances to accommodate for piles locations allows for you to make quick adjustments on site to keep your production moving
  • Discreet table design makes assembly simple on undulating terrains and mitigates risk by protecting against the long-term impacts of frost heaving
  • Simplified wire management, using the racking beams to run your wires. All beams have pre-punched holes for wire ties and water drainage
  • Speed up your installation time with pre-populated PV panels for our ground-mount solar systems

Site-specific Design

  • The ground tells us what type of foundation you should use and then we customize our rack for your site
  • Maximize the output from your installation with optimized tilt angles from five degrees to the industry-leading 60 degrees – all based on your location
  • Make the best use of your available land with two or three high in portrait or four or six high in landscape
  • Mono or dual-post racks that work with all foundation types for different ground and soil conditions

Cost Effective

  • Lower your contractor costs with faster installation
  • Lower cost for wire management
  • Reduce on-going maintenance time and costs with fewer components that are easy to access

Third-party Tested by leading authorities

  • UL2703 (USA & Canada) Certification for bonding and grounding
  • Extensive wind tunnel testing for angles up to 60 degrees and configurations up to three high in portrait and six high in landscape
  • Mechanical load testing from third-party testing labs
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Sizing Made Simple for Ground-Mount Solar Systems

Our two ground-mount systems meet your needs regardless of your solar project size or layout.

Large Utility-Scale Ground Mount


Standard ground-mount solar mounting solution

Is used for large-scale fixed ground mount solar installations, 500 kW and greater. CORE has fewer components to assemble, built-in wire management, integrated bonding, and is designed to stand the test of time.

Key specifications:

  • High degree of adjustability with greater assembly tolerances
  • Top down or direct bolt clamping options
  • Built in wire management and UL certified integrated bonding
  • Highly customizable to match any layout and panel configuration
  • Pre-populated PV panel option
  • Multiple foundation options – driven posts, helical piles, ground screws, ballast (precast, pour in place concrete or stone ballast)
  • Installation services

Small-Scale Ground Mount


Ground-mount solar mounting solution for smaller projects

Customers save on upfront engineering costs by selecting the CORE FLEX ground-mount solar racking for small-scale installations up to 500 kW. It can handle loads up to 50 psf of snow and 110 mph winds. The CORE FLEX comes with pre-stamped rack and foundation packages for all states and provinces in North America.

Key specifications:

  • Robust design for small installations
  • High degree of adjustability with larger tolerances than our competitors
  • Top down clamping
  • UL Certified wire management and integrated bonding
  • Short lead times through local distributors
  • Pre-engineered racking and foundation packages for all states and provinces

Designed for Constructability: Polar Ground-Mount Systems

Constructability speaks to how easy it is to install a ground-mount solar racking system. We designed our systems to assemble quickly and in any site conditions. The system’s large tolerances, compatibility with multiple foundation types, in addition to our client support all work together to reduce your installation time compared to other solar mounting systems.

Higher Tolerances

Our CORE series has tolerances built into every component that make a significant impact on assembly times in the field. Every detail – including the small design considerations – work together to simplify your installation and increase your efficiency.

  • Large E/W and N/S assembly tolerances
  • Greater adjustability and less pile cutting on site with friction top brackets in place of top caps
  • No welding on site with pre-drilled holes on every component

Quality Design and Hardware

The CORE Series uses high quality materials and hardware designs to extend the period of productivity of our ground-mount solar systems beyond the traditional 20-year lifespan.

  • Simplified installation using mid-clamps
  • Slide solar panels into place easily
  • Very robust system with fewer braces and thicker primary components

Benefits of a Ground-Mount Solar System

Easy to Install.

Robust components, less braces, built in wire management, greater pile locations tolerances all make CORE a very simple system to assemble even in the middle of winter on uneven terrain.

Configured for Your Project.

You tell us your project size, module dimensions and desired tilt angle and leave the rest to us. We will optimize your foundation type and racking design to best fit your requirements for assembly and long-term ownership of your project.

Simple O&M.

Our solution uses fewer components and similar size fasteners for most connections, which makes ongoing maintenance of your mounting system simple and easy.

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