Polar Racking offers two types of solar ground mount systems to accommodate various sizes of projects. The perfect solar PV ground mount systems will vary depending on the need of the user and the type of project they want to install.

In this article, we’re going to explain the differences between our two main ground mount systems: our PRU system for commercial and utility scale projects, and our PRU-D, which is our distributed ground mount system. Although it sounds very similar, there are two major differences: the size of the project, and the amount of custom engineering required.

The PRU is a large commercial and utility-scale solar project that can vary in size from 500 kW to 500 MW, while the PRU-D is meant for residential and small commercial solar power installations, which are typically less than 500 kW; however, they can often be as small as 5 or 10 kW.

distributed ground mount system

Below, we outline some of the key features of both of our PRU and PRU-D solar ground mount systems.

PRU: Commercial & Utility-Scale Ground Mount SystemPRU-D: Distribution Ground Mount System
Highly customized to your site to optimize the table size, tilt angel, foundation type and price.Pre-Engineered racking and foundation solution that works in 90% of North America (custom site engineering not required)
Available from 5 to 60 degree tilt30 degree tilt
Foundation types include driven piles, ground screws, helical piles and ballasted (pre-cast & pour in place)Single Post or Dual Post Options
Site specific geotechnical and foundation design services available through Polar RackingAble to accommodate many types and sizes of 72 cell modules
Minimum order size 500 kWAvailable through distributions (EEcol, Frankensolar)
Order size can be as little as one table at a time (aprox 4 – 5 kW)

Although both have great features and have very similar installation methods, the key driving factor for which one you choose simply depends on how big of a project you want to build.

For projects greater than 500 kW, developers often want to spend the time and effort into the engineering process to optimize the foundation and the racking to offer the best value. For smaller projects, it often makes sense to go with a pre-designed PRU-D solution and save money on custom engineering.

Polar Racking strives to supply our customers with the best solar mounting solutions to suit their needs.

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