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North American leader in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of PV mounting systems.


Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Polar Racking is a North American leader in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of PV mounting systems. The company has a diversified portfolio of ground-mount, rooftop, and carport products for commercial, and utility-scale markets.

Focused on continuous innovation, the company’s vision is to deliver the highest value to our clients at the lowest cost per kWh. Through our unique suite of engineering collaboration tools, technical services, and installation support, we deliver turnkey solutions that ar modular, lighter, and quicker to install.

We support our North American clients from our locations in Toronto, Windsor, and New York.


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What Our Clients Say

“[ June 9, 2020 ] - Terralta has been in the solar industry since 2006 and we’ve seen and used a number of different providers – both good and bad and thru this experience we prefer to deal with Polar Racking Inc.

The on-site service and training, the engineering support, detailed drawings, as well as the open communication sets them apart from any of the other manufactures in the market place. Our installation team loves the flexibility with the product as it allows for on site alterations if necessary. Polar uses a limited number of fasteners with respect to mounting and attachment hardware which allows for faster installations as our team isn’t constantly changing tools. Their ability to offer a full turn key solution (racking, helicals, screws and engineering) increase our teams productivity allowing for high profit margins

We fully support the Polar Racking team and suggest using their diverse line of product as it will surely increase profitability by lowering installation time.”

Marcus CampbellTerralta

“[ June 6, 2020 ] - I have had the opportunity to work closely with Vishal and his company, Polar Racking, on a number of solar PV project opportunities. I would not hesitate to recommend Polar Racking to any organization looking for a cost effective, quality solar PV racking system. Beyond a good product, they have always been very responsive, professional and accommodating through tenders and project execution.

On a recent utility scale ground mount project, our team was faced with a difficult timeline for design, procurement and execution. We chose Polar Racking as our racking supplier, as we had confidence in their ability and commitment to perform this work. While faced with many challenges throughout the project, they worked diligently and collaboratively to make the project a success.”

Matthew SimardClark Builders

“[ June 03, 2020 ] - Polar Racking has worked successfully on various projects with AltaPro Electric ranging from small commercial rooftops to mulit-MW ground mount projects. I highly recommend their products in the industry as they have proven to show their value in each segment.

We have had great success using their ground mounted solutions, and based on previous solutions have shown to have preferred wire management, foundation, as well tolerance attributes compared to others.

We have been very pleased with install speeds, and very surprised the adjustability and tolerance the racking can accommodate when foundations have varying tolerances. This allows very straight-line installations as the racking can eat up foundation tolerances that other manufactures struggle with. Pre-fabrication works well with this product as much can be pre-assembled, and the lifting weights for installers is kept very manageable.”

David DeBruinAlta Pro

“[ June 2, 2020 ] - Polar is the premier Canadian racking supplier and it is encouraging to see their racking system being used on Canadian soil.

Determination Drilling has been working with Polar Racking for several years constructing ground mounted PV solar facilities throughout Canada. Their racking product is a simple & user friendly design providing durability and adjustability. The engineering, field, and office support is second to none providing innovative solutions and delivering quality projects.

A successful project requires a solid foundation and Polar Rackings PRU system can accommodate a variety of pile types to ensure that the foundation will work with the geology. Experience, Quality, & Determination are a few traits that come to mind when I think of Polar Racking.

There really is no better system, and being Canadian will certainly help to support our local economy. Determination Drilling fully supports a decision to select Polar Racking as your material provider for any project.”

Dan CarrocciDetermination Drilling

“[ July 22, 2019 ] - I had one project with an aggressive OPA completion deadline. Everyone I called told me there wasn’t enough time to get the roof loading engineering work done in time, but the team at Polar Racking put together a plan to get me what I needed in the time available. Plus, the Polar flat rooftop system proved to be incredibly simple to install. Now I don’t even shop around, I just call Polar.”

Richard R.TRG Energy Inc

“[ September 16, 2018 ] - Overall experience with Polar Racking has been great. Using the online MIS portal simplified the design process versus sending drawings through e-mails. Both Blake and David have provided excellent support.”

Anthony VeluirePanasonic

“[ February 15, 2017 ] - Quality supply chain partners are quite often the difference between success and failure on PV construction projects. We’d like to thank Polar Racking and its dedicated team for their tireless efforts and commitment to being part of the solution and not the problem.”

Greg RossettiBondfield Construction

“[ November 3, 2016 ] - Doctor Solar received great service from the Polar Racking team from the start to finish of our Northbrook PV project. They were prompt in providing the project quote and layout during the bidding phase and very responsive in providing additional support as we were executing the installation. I have no doubt that I will be using their product again.”

Babak FarsiDoctor Solar

“[ May 28, 2015 ] - Polar Racking has been responsive and attentive in our requests for domestic content documentation that are required for both OPA audits and reports. The turnover times following requests have been short and communication has been effective and efficient.”

Drew TowzerRESco Energy

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