Become a Solar Equipment Distributor


Polar Racking welcomes you to become a distributor of our solar mounting solutions. With Polar Racking products on your distribution list, you can rest assured that you’re meeting the market’s increasing demand for adjustable and lightweight solar racking equipment at competitive prices.

Why become a Polar Racking Distributor?

Polar Racking’s solar racking systems are built for every condition meet or exceed our industry’s engineering standards. When you become a Polar Racking Distributor, you are expanding your range of customers to those in all conditions and for all property types.

Reduced Costs

We supply solar equipment at competitive prices because we aim to increase local, national, and global access to solar energy. That’s also why we design our products to last a lifetime with extremely low maintenance requirements.

Higher Quality

Polar Racking uses the highest quality materials and suppliers to manufacture their products. You can be certain that the product you are offering your customer is built to last.

Minimal Price Fluctuation

Thanks to our long-standing partnerships and diversified distribution and supply network we are able to minimize price fluctuations on all the products we have to offer.

Offer Unique Value to your Customers

Polar Racking solutions are all designed with the installer in mind therefore they are easier to assemble and offer greater adjustability. Your customers will not only save on the initial purchase price, they will also save time and money during the assembly and on-going O&M process.

Consolidated Supply Chain

Our solar equipment supply chain is consolidated, meaning you get what you need faster and more efficiently. All our products are shipped from the same place so there’s never any confusion about orders. Plus, we keep an abundance of products in stock on-site.

Large Network of Solar Professionals

Part of what makes us unique, is that we inspire and bring together a large network of solar professionals. Our distributors regularly collaborate with us on events such as online Webinars and promotions. Check out our most recent webinar with Frankensolar.

Talented In-House Designers and Engineers

We offer full, in-house designers, engineers, and installation advice so your customers have a one-stop shop for all solar equipment related inquiries. There is no time limit on this offering, so customers can come to us for help even 25 years into the future.

Ready to Become a Polar Racking Distributor? It is easy!

Complete the application form.

Once your application is processed and approved, you will receive your Polar Racking Distributor Kit and Account Number. This account number provides you with unlimited access to Polar Racking’s full line of product catalogs, sales material, and access to our Proworkflow management system.