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Deciding which type of flat roof racking product to go with can be time consuming and expensive. To help you out, we pulled out the most important sections from our webinar ‘Selecting the Best Flat Roof Racking Solution’ that we held with our distributor, Frankensolar. In the webinar, we talk about why it’s important to take into consideration reliability and cost, and review the benefits of Polar Racking’s PRG (Polar Racking Grid) ballasted flat roof design, while taking into account the specifics of residential or commercial buildings.

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Selecting the Best Flat Roof Racking Solution

What makes the Polar Racking Grid (PRG) system ideal?

It has a modular design.
This allows for a per-panel pricing, which makes it easier for us to give you a more accurate quote, faster. It also gives you more flexibility in where you want to place your panels, so you can easily accommodate existing rooftop structures and adjust if you need to build on your roof in the future. The sleek design allows for ballasts to be secured directly underneath the modules so trip hazards are reduced, and walkways can be kept clear.

It’s a Low-Ballast solution.
This light-weight solution (only 2 to 5 lbs/ft2 ) can be supported by a wider range of rooftops than the traditional foot-based system solutions. This is possible because of the interconnected grid-based system design, which spreads the load through fewer ballasts. The larger the subarray, the fewer the ballasts needed. Wind deflectors, placed behind each module, decrease the need for ballasts even further.

It allows for green-zone clamping.
This unique feature of the PRG ensures that the panel warranties remain valid through their term and prevents the operator from shouldering any additional unnecessary costs. Solar projects tend to be over 20-year-long projects, so it’s important that modules are secured correctly with clamps in the designated areas. When you clamp outside the green-zone, particularly on the corners, you significantly increase the risk of damage and invalidating your panel warranty.

It’s inexpensive.
The price is $55 per panel for 5 & 10 degrees, and Frankensolar can ship the entire system directly, free of charge. We can offer such exceptional prices because Polar Racking is a leader in the flat roof space and the number of projects that we supply exceeds that of our competitors. The price list for our products, including the PRG can be found here.

What makes Polar Racking special?

By working closely with our customers and installers for the past eleven years, we feel that we have a unique appreciation for what it takes to supply high quality products for high wind and snow load areas. Polar Racking is also continuously innovating.

Our company’s vision is to deliver the highest value to our clients at the lowest cost per kWh. Through our unique suite of engineering collaboration tools, technical services and installation support we deliver turnkey solutions that are modular, light and quick to install. Specifically, our close partnership with PRI Engineering allows us to offer geotechnical, civil, structural and surveying services for any roof or ground-mount systems.

How do you get a Polar Racking Grid system?

You can fill out an intake form here. You will get a free quote from Frankensolar and Polar Racking will provide a free proposed layout. In order to start the proposal, we will need the following:

  1. Desired project size
  2. Desired module dimensions
  3. Desired tilt angle
  4. Desired inter-row spacing option
  5. Roof layout including obstructions
  6. Building height (very important for ballasting)
  7. Parapet height (very important for ballasting)
  8. Roof load capabilities
  9. Special requirements per your jurisdiction

Send an email to and today for more information on how to get your own PRG!



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