Gateway Christian Center in Cotuit, Massachusetts


Solar Carport Project Specifications

PROJECT DESIGN PRP-2M T-Shape Double Cantilever Mono Slope Carport Structures (2 Structures)
FOUNDATION DESIGN 10′ Deep Caison Foundation with 2′ stickup.  36″ Diameter
DELIVERED November 2021
Construction of solar carport in Massachusetts

Detailed Project Summary

Polar successfully completed the delivery of a 248 kW solar carport mounting system in Massachusetts in Q4-2021. This lot was configured in such a way where parking lines could fit up to two cars and the vehicles would be required to park in a single-file fashion.

Our team at Polar designed the carport to fit the parking lot layout, ensuring there would be no disruption to traffic flow and emergency fire lanes. The foundations were designed to land in-between the parking spaces and not impede the parking area. Additionally, our design took into consideration snow guards to account for any potential hazards that would be caused by melting snow.

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