Rooftop Solar Mounting Systems

Our rooftop systems are simple to assemble, modular, light, with green zone clamping, which makes Polar Racking’s rooftop solar mounting systems the preferred choice of installers and long term project asset owners. We offer two rooftop solutions: PRG, our flat roof ballasted mounting system, and PRR, our flush mount rails system.

The Polar Racking Difference: Intelligent Design for Speed and Reliability

We take what our customers say seriously. Every product that we offer is a result of close collaboration with our customers and on-site installers. We’re proud to offer solutions that are simple to assemble and built to last. As our customers tell us, the intelligence design elements of our flat roof ballasted racking solution, PRG, and our flush mount rail, PRR, make them the industry-leading choice of installers and owners.

Lightweight Design

The PRR and PRG series are lightweight without compromising structural integrity. The grid-based architecture of the PRG, our flat rooftop ballasted system, allows for less ballast in fewer locations.

Simplified Installation

Self-spacing, quick and intuitive assembly, modular design, green zone clamping, and fewer components than our competitors – Polar Racking’s rooftops systems are the leading choice of installers even in the harshest environments. Our standardized systems attach to any type of flat or flush mount roof.

Tested and Certified

Polar Racking’s solar mounting solutions have been tested to the highest industry standards, including UL2703 testing, fire testing, wind tunnel testing, coefficient of friction testing, finite element analysis and many others. Contact us for more information and copies of third-party testing reports as required.

Cost Effective

Our intelligent solar racking designs reduce the upfront cost of the system and the installation time, making it the most cost-effective solution on the market.

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Designed for your Rooftop:
PRG and PRR Rooftop Solar Mounting Series

Our modular rooftop racking systems are designed to work on all types of commercial and residential rooftops.

Our Flat Roof Solution


Grid-Based Ballasted Flat Roof System

Our grid-based modular racking solution, maximizes load sharing within each interconnected solar array, which reduces the number of ballast stones and the number of locations that stones are required. The lightweight, self spacing, interconnect design also works very well on anchored, or hybrid (ballast + anchor) systems, where you will require far fewer anchors on a PRG system than with other systems. Our system is designed to distribute loads evenly, thereby minimizing point loading. The PRG is ideal for flat roofs of all types.

Key specifications:

  • Green zone clamping
  • Modular design
  • Low-ballast and lightweight
  • Fewer ballast blocks = Significant labor savings
  • Multiple tilt options – 5, 10, and 15 degrees
  • Third-party product warranty protection

Our Sloped Roof Solution


Flush Mount Racking

Rail-based modular racking solution best for flush/tilted shingle roofs, metal roofs, awnings, BIPV, and facade mounts.

Key specifications:

  • Fully integrated module bonding and system grounding
  • Snap-in place components
  • Reduces rooftop penetration by 50%
  • Multiple roof connection options
  • Third-party product warranty protection

Why certifications matter?

All our products are UL2703 listed and Class A fire tested for type 1 and 2 modules. For owners and contractors, this means giving confidence to local building permit offices and AHJs that your installation has been tested and approved by qualified 3rd parties for loading and electrical bonding and grounding.

Why Rooftop Solar Makes Sense?

Cost Effective

Rooftop racking systems minimize ballasting and other rooftop anchors yet perform with the same stability as ground-mount systems. Our simplified installation and streamlined designed also reduces expensive redundancies seen in traditional racking design.

Secure Investment

With a rooftop solar array, you can expect to generate energy and savings for more than a quarter of a century. When you go with Polar Racking, our strict design standards means your project will require minimal maintenance and upkeep during its lifetime.

Low Maintenance Cost

Fewer parts means fewer costs. When we redefined our product design, we reduced the maintenance costs of our systems. For a system that lasts for more than 25 years, a low maintenance cost sometimes makes all the difference.

Tax Credits and Incentives

We can help you take advantage of tax credits and incentives for installers or property owners. Ask us about existing programs available to reduce the upfront capital investment and create a long-term revenue stream.

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