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When considering installing solar on property, choosing the correct solar mounting systems is among the most critical decisions. After all, this is what is going to keep your system in place over the next 20+ years, and it needs to be able to withstand the worst possible loads that mother nature would throw it’s way. You will also want to consider the available space on your property to decide where to place your solar array.

Below, we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions about solar mounting systems to help you make the right decision. This will be your go-to guide when figuring out what will work for you!

What are solar mounting systems?

Solar mounting systems are used to fix solar panels onto a variety of surfaces, such as rooftops, parking lots or land. Mounting systems help keep the solar panels or arrays in place and work as the support structure for solar modules.

Mounting systems are generally made from steel or aluminum supports that can hold solar arrays in place through extreme loads from wind, snow and frost. There are different types of mounting systems, such as rooftop, ground-mount, and carport systems; but not every system is right for your property.

What are the different types of solar mounting systems?

There are different types of utility-scale solar mounting systems; the difference is in the way they are installed and the purpose. The main systems include rooftop, ground, and carports. Within these are different types of installations.

Rooftop solar mounting systems

Sloped roof mounting systems

rail-based roof mounting systems

Sloped roof systems are often seen on residential buildings.

  • Polar Racking offers a rail-based system with multiple attachment methods for residential and commercial uses.

Flat roof mounting systems

flat roof mounting systems

Flat roof mounting systems are mainly used for commercial or industrial buildings; often buildings that have large, flat rooftops.

  • Easy to install, and often tilted to maximize sun exposure
  • Ballasted and non-penetrating systems
    • Ballasted and non-penetrating systems distribute their weight onto across the roof. The weight-based loading is used to keep the arrays on the roof
  • Hybrid system, mix ballast and penetrating or non penetrating anchors to keep solar arrays on the roof
  • These solar mounting systems use steel or aluminum, making installation quick and easy

Ground-mount systems

utility scale ground mount system

Ground-mount systems are used on mostly undeveloped land (including landfills). They can also be used for residential areas but are typically not first choice for homeowners.

  • These systems can be installed at any angle or orientation, and are usually easier to install and maintain
  • Standard ground mounts
    • Use metal framing that is driven or screwed into the ground to hold up panels at a fixed angle
  • Pole mounted solar systems:
    • These involve a single pole to elevate multiple panels higher off the ground, allowing it to tilt automatically maximizing sun exposure

Carport mounting systems

Solar carport mounting system double row

Carport mounting systems are perfect for commercial and industrial parking lots, with either single or double row parking.

  • Can also be installed with EV charging stations

What do I need to know before installing solar mounting systems?

There are a couple of things you should consider before deciding which solar mounting system is best for your property. First, you have to think about whether you have ample rooftop space, land, or suitable property for a carport system. Along with this, you should consider:

  • The size of the solar array
  • Your financial budget
  • The material that works for you (steel, aluminum, polymer, plastic)
  • Climate and weather patterns
  • City regulations

Polar Racking specializes in high quality, simple to assembly mounting systems. When making the decision to install solar, remember the systems we’ve listed above and remember to choose the one that works best for you and your project.

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