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In 2009, Polar Racking started as a ballasted flat roof racking manufacturer. We take special pride in the expertise we continue to develop and provide on flat rooftops.

Our current flat rooftop solution (PRG) is a grid-based ballasted flat roof system, which is lighter, faster and easier to assemble. This ETL/UL2703 listed product is available at 5, 10 and 15 degrees and offers module manufacturer-approved (green zone) mounting.

In this article, we answer frequently asked questions about our PRG rooftop mounting system.

What is a Grid-Based Ballasted Flat Roof System?

A grid-based ballasted flat roof system is a completely interconnected racking base without the modules, offering several advantages:

  1. Lower overall ballast on the roof = reduced ballast blocks in fewer locations
  2. Maximized weight distribution and load sharing (2 to 5 psf)
  3. Faster assembly with self-spacing components (no module required to build your array)
  4. Lay down ballast-and-run wires without modules on the rack

Where can the Grid-Based Ballasted Flat Roof System be installed?

This solar mounting system can be installed on any kind of flat rooftop surface with slopes up to 7 degrees.

How does the Grid-Based Ballasted Flat Roof System attach to the roof?

The PRG system uses ballast blocks that support and hold down the system to the roof. We also offer fully-anchored and hybrid (anchor + ballast) options as well.

Does this solar mounting system cause damage to the roof?

Since the PRG system uses ballast blocks, it does not cause roof damage. This makes it a popular choice and it is commonly used on solar installations, which are typically unable to penetrate the roof surface.

What tilt angles can you accommodate?

We offer PRG at 5, 10 and 15 degrees, with multiple spacing options.

Tilt Angle Row-Row Distance Module width,982mm Module width, 1049mm
5° TIGHTER 1250mm [49″] 271mm [10½””] 205mm [8″]
5° STANDARD 1329mm [52″] 350mm [13¾”] 284mm [11″
10° TIGHTER 1435mm [56½” 468mm [18¼”] 402mm [15¾”
10° STANDARD 1521mm [60″] 554mm [21¾”] 488mm [19″]
15° STANDARD 1752mm [67″] 784mm [30¾”] 739mm [29″

Follow this link to all the options – see the full version of the PDF file.

Which certifications does PRG have?

ETL/UL2703 (USA) & ULC ORD 1703 (Canada) certification, Class A Fire Rating to UL 2703.

To learn more about our rooftop / ground mount / carport solar mounting systems, you can read through our solar mounting systems guide: Your Go-To Guide to Solar Mounting Systems.

Feel free to contact us for any questions you may have about solar mounting systems. We can also provide you with a free quote and initial layout plan.

Email us at OR call us at 1-844-860-6722.

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