You are thinking about installing solar on your property or perhaps, you are ready to get started. For many property owners, the most difficult part of the process is deciding which type of mounting system is best for your property and area. For others, the questions are more fundamental. The number one question we get asked by clients and interested customers is –
can I even install solar on my property?

For many years, the answer was tough. It depended on a range of factors including your soil type, how much space you had, the slope of your land, as well as financial considerations such as cost. Choosing the best foundation type is also is a major consideration. How do you go about anchoring the system to your land?

At Polar Racking, we specialize in ground-mount solar for unconventional areas of North America and can easily explain to you the general process of selecting and installing ground-mount solar for residential use. To help you out, we put together the four important things you should know about residential ground-mount solar.



1. Your Soil Type Determines Your Foundations

Recent innovations have made installing the foundations for ground-mount solar for residential properties as easy as blinking an eye. The first step is to assess your site and test the soil to determine the appropriate foundation type for your solar ground-mount. Our PRU-D product is designed to make it easy to customize the ground-mount for your specific situation, and we supply several foundation options allowing for a turnkey product. If you run into issues while installing, we have several remediation options that will help you ensure your systems stays in the ground for a long time.


2. Your Local Weather Doesn’t Really Matter

In northern climates, weather extremes can be more of an issue than power generation. Systems like the PRU-D are designed to withstand rain, snow, wind, and a range of temperature extremes. As a Canadian company, we know what it’s like dealing with extreme weather and we use proven design and engineering principles to make sure that we can take advantage of solar energy just like our Southern friends. The engineered PRU-D package that we’ve developed for your province or state takes into consideration your local wind, snow, and frost loads so you don’t have to worry about what’s going on outside.


3. You Can Install and Maintain It Easier Than Rooftop

Who wants to climb up on their roof every other month, especially during the winter? The ground-mount option for residential properties makes it easy to maintain while keeping your feet on the ground. We standardized all the interlocking sections of our ground-mount products so that installation is as easy as putting together a simple jigsaw puzzle.


4. You Will Generate More Electricity Than Rooftop Solar

The catch with rooftop solar is that you have to align the solar panels in the direction your roof is facing. If your home is angled at a direction away from the sun, installing a solar project on your roof will not produce the power you need. In this case, a ground-mount solar system is right for you.

A ground-mount solar system can be installed away from your property buildings if you want it to be hidden. Conversely, the solar ground-mount system can become a decorative element along the side or back of your house. This level of customization is possible with Polar’s PRU-D, which means you can have a solar project in your backyard the way you want it – not the way someone tells you it should be.



Why Go with Polar’s PRU-D?

There are many reasons why going with ground-mount solar may be your preferred option. We all like to be in control of our investments, and a ground-mount system lets you have the most flexibility with the easiest maintenance at the lowest cost. We offer free site layout and consultations, and our distributor can send an entire system to you in less than two weeks.

When it comes to going solar, a little bit of homework can go a long way. Do it right, and you will reap the financial benefits for decades.


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